Battle at Kruger

Here is an amazing footage taken by a tourist a few years ago at Kruger National Park in South Africa. A lion pride startled a buffalo herd, attacked and grabbed a calf near shore, only to be surprised by a sneaky crocodile. A tug of war then ensued and the lions claimed victory over the croc. However, the victors soon found themselves losers as the buffalo herd returned, fought off the lions and rescued the calf! 

A whole show was produced by Nat Geo Wild based on this short film!  Here are some key points from the experts in the show:

1. Had the leading buffalo stood its ground, the lions might not have charged because the buffalo had numbers.  By turning and running, the herd immediately became prey.

2. The lions were well positioned nonetheless and attacked from three angles.

3. The lions tried to kill the calf by suffocating it. One lion bit its trachea, another its nostrils, but they did not get the job done.

4. The 600-pound croc battled against four 300-pound lions. Numbers won in this case.

5. The calf's cry prompted the buffalo herd to return. Numbers once again prevailed.

6. If you pay close attention, there was one brave buffalo (far right) that fought off two lions by itself.  It chased off one and threw another five feet in the air with its deadly horns.

This is nature at its best, and all caught on tape by an amateur!



  1. Yes I saw this a while ago, strong animal instinct. I am surprised why the herd came about this time rather than all the time. Did any scientists step it up and explain?



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