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Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #4 -- Tai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre

Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival that is widely celebrated in China.  It gives families a reason to get together for dinner and enjoy some mooncakes under a full moon.  This year, the festival lines up nicely with National Day to give the working class some extra R&R.  For those visiting Hong Kong during this time, I highly recommend going to Tai Hang and check out their festivities.   Tai Hang is a gem in itself, as it is a quiet corner next to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong's bustling commercial and shopping district.  The quiet neighbourhood is home to various specialty restaurants, offering cuisines from China and around the world.  There are also plenty of non-franchised premium coffee shops for locals and tourists alike.  In my eyes, Tai Hang is a sleepy child most of the year offering tranquillity to those wanting to escape from the buzz of Hong Kong.   This quiet corner comes to life during Mid-Autumn however, as a series of celebrations take place.  The premier event is the

Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #3 -- Hong Kong News Expo

As Hong Kong is now fully re-opened to travellers, it is time to introduce yet another hidden gem in the city.  Hong Kong News Expo  (HKNE) is located in a unique neighbourhood in Mid-Levels .  It is a multimedia exhibition that showcases the history, evolution and current state of Hong Kong's news media. The establishment features a wide range of interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and multimedia presentations.  It is a great niche gem for those interested in the news industry and the role it plays in shaping the city.  The exhibition is divided into several sections, each focusing on different aspects of Hong Kong's news media. For instance, one section is dedicated to the history of newspapers in Hong Kong, featuring how they have evolved over the years -- from the early days of colonial rule to the present day. Visitors can also learn about the development of radio and television news, as well as the rise of digital media and social media platforms.    It is interes

Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #2 -- Hong Kong Jockey Club Central Stanley Street Shop

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) owns all government approved sports betting and lottery stations in Hong Kong.  These establishments normally offer few reasons for me to visit.  But I recently ventured into one HKJC venue.  This Stanley Street branch in busy Central has won the title of the luckiest (or most unlucky if you are the HKJC) betting site in recent years.  Quite a few have won the grand prize in lottery, known locally as Mark Six, from this premise.  The shop has recently undergone a major facelift.  It now houses two restaurants, various horse racing and lottery artefacts, along with fun facts showcases.  Upon entry, there is an unexpected caravan setting that provides a homey feel for visitors.   A real lottery ball drum machine is also on display.  Opposite it is a historical wall detailing the evolution of Mark 6 over the years.  Did you know that the lottery went from thirty-six numbers in 1976 to forty-nine in 2002?  This made your already low odds of winning much w

Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #1 - Hong Kong Monetary Authority Information Centre

COVID-19 has certainly taken much lustre out of Hong Kong's star on the world stage.  Travelers into the city still require a 3-day compulsory hotel quarantine at the time of writing, leaving many holding off on a trip to the Asian hub.  Shame! In view of this, I have decided to use this blog to occasionally showcase Hong Kong to the world.  Feel free to use these posts as a guide to plan your future travel here.  Even if you don't have plans to come, my hope is the introduction of these sights will offer unique perspectives on the buzzing city.   To start us off, we have a boutique but interesting information centre in Hong Kong's Central Bank.  The Hong Kong Monetary Authority ( HKMA ) Information Centre is one of a kind.  It is located in Two IFC , arguably the most iconic skyscrapper in town.  That said, it is certainly off the beaten path and not very well known to even the locals. Visitors information can be found here . This gallery can probably be explored within a