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Book Review: Atomic Habits

I recently finished a good book,  Atomic Habits , by James Clear.  It is clear by now that my book reviews have also been doubling as book summaries for future reference.  This is a delightful read as the author uses his personal experience to illustrate his theories.  The arguments are logical and generally well explained.  Here are some key points to note:   What is a habit? It is a solution to a recurring problem in life. A habit helps us solve problems with as little energy as possible.  Habits consist of four parts: cue, craving, response and rewards.  To create a good habit, make the cue obvious, the craving attractive, the response easy and the reward satisfying.  To lose a bad habit, simply do the reverse Never underestimate the compounding effects of habit : Habits are usually small changes in our behavior that may not bring immediate benefits when deployed.  However, just like compound interest for your money, when applied over time, good habits will yield wonders for your li