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Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #4 -- Tai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre

Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival that is widely celebrated in China.  It gives families a reason to get together for dinner and enjoy some mooncakes under a full moon.  This year, the festival lines up nicely with National Day to give the working class some extra R&R.  For those visiting Hong Kong during this time, I highly recommend going to Tai Hang and check out their festivities.   Tai Hang is a gem in itself, as it is a quiet corner next to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong's bustling commercial and shopping district.  The quiet neighbourhood is home to various specialty restaurants, offering cuisines from China and around the world.  There are also plenty of non-franchised premium coffee shops for locals and tourists alike.  In my eyes, Tai Hang is a sleepy child most of the year offering tranquillity to those wanting to escape from the buzz of Hong Kong.   This quiet corner comes to life during Mid-Autumn however, as a series of celebrations take place.  The premier event is the

Scaling Asia and Your Life - 10 Lessons from Growing Businesses in Asia | PROLOGUE

I don't have a good title yet, but for now, let's go with this:  Scaling Asia and Your Life - 10 Lessons from Growing Businesses in Asia I even put together a Prologue:  In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of Asian business, a personal odyssey unfolded—a journey ofdiscovery, growth, and unwavering dedication to scaling companies from their humble beginnings. This is the story of my own experience, a firsthand account of navigating the intricate pathways of four diverse companies, each on its unique trajectory towards unprecedented success. As the sun rises over the bustling cities and tranquil countryside of Asia, it illuminates a tapestry of opportunity and potential. Within this vibrant continent, I embarked on a transformative voyage, guided by a steadfast determination to contribute to the growth and expansion of businesses at their inception. Scaling a company is a formidable endeavor, demanding an intricate dance between strategy, innovation, and adaptability. It requ

Part Time Project: Be an Author

Over the years, I kept a habit of reading each day.  This certainly broadened my horizon on the world.  I am now at an age where I think I can give back.  Instead of consuming others' opinions and research, it's time I provide my own ideas to my readers.  As such, I will write a book on a part-time basis.  The topic has been tentatively set.  It is about scaling one's life through lessons learnt from my career on scaling businesses.   More to come... Stay tuned! - PTS

Book Review: Beyond Infinity

Geeking out is something I yearn to do from time to time. Having seen a documentary on infinity from Netflix last year, I decided to pick up a book on the topic.  Beyond Infinity , by  Eugenia Cheng , is an excellent guide delving into this mind-boggling notion. In this book, Cheng explores some key aspects of infinity that challenge our intuition and understanding of mathematics: Numbers Numbers Numbers, natural, rational, irrational and real:   Cheng explains that these number sets are infinite in nature but some are "more infinite" than others.  For instance, the set of natural numbers are smaller than its superset of rational numbers, which in turn are smaller than the set of real numbers.  So far so good?  But...  Infinity is but an abstract notion: It certainly is not a number   to which the rules of arithmetics apply: ∞ + 1 = ∞ (addition/subtraction does not apply) 2  ⋅  ∞ = ∞ (neither does multiplication/division) 1/∞ = 0 (in the sense of limits which touches on the f

Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #3 -- Hong Kong News Expo

As Hong Kong is now fully re-opened to travellers, it is time to introduce yet another hidden gem in the city.  Hong Kong News Expo  (HKNE) is located in a unique neighbourhood in Mid-Levels .  It is a multimedia exhibition that showcases the history, evolution and current state of Hong Kong's news media. The establishment features a wide range of interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and multimedia presentations.  It is a great niche gem for those interested in the news industry and the role it plays in shaping the city.  The exhibition is divided into several sections, each focusing on different aspects of Hong Kong's news media. For instance, one section is dedicated to the history of newspapers in Hong Kong, featuring how they have evolved over the years -- from the early days of colonial rule to the present day. Visitors can also learn about the development of radio and television news, as well as the rise of digital media and social media platforms.    It is interes

Book Review: Atomic Habits

I recently finished a good book,  Atomic Habits , by James Clear.  It is clear by now that my book reviews have also been doubling as book summaries for future reference.  This is a delightful read as the author uses his personal experience to illustrate his theories.  The arguments are logical and generally well explained.  Here are some key points to note:   What is a habit? It is a solution to a recurring problem in life. A habit helps us solve problems with as little energy as possible.  Habits consist of four parts: cue, craving, response and rewards.  To create a good habit, make the cue obvious, the craving attractive, the response easy and the reward satisfying.  To lose a bad habit, simply do the reverse Never underestimate the compounding effects of habit : Habits are usually small changes in our behavior that may not bring immediate benefits when deployed.  However, just like compound interest for your money, when applied over time, good habits will yield wonders for your li