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AI: To Be or Not to Be

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in our world today.  For better or worse, it is growing fast!  Children use it for school work.  Love birds plan their honeymoon with AI itineraries.  Workers rely on robo advisors for their retirement funds.  Name a daily task or chore, and chances are AI plays a role in some capacity.    This includes writing.  I have seen AI write me travel reviews, company profiles, CVs, and many other things.  Its writing techniques are sound.  This leads me to the million dollar question: Should I continue blogging on my own or through AI?   After some contemplation, I decided to use both.  I will definitely write my own mind instead of relying on ideas and arguments from AI.  Even if it means from time to time, bad logic, clumsy sentence structures, poor choice of vocab.  I will use AI to proofread and correct all those mistakes however, and make it easier on the eyes for my readers.  There you go, it doesn't have to be binary after all.  AI is here to s

What's Next?

I would like to start a research project on.... What? I don't know yet, but here are some topics worth exploring: 1. Origin of the universe 2. Origin of life 3. Rise of consciousness 4. Purpose of life These are difficult questions, some would even say impossible to answer.  Well, this is exactly why I want to dig a little deeper. Why go for low hanging fruits if the ones at the top are sweeter? Enough said. Let's get started!  -PTS

My Vision

Enslaved to the daily routines of putting bread on the table, one cannot help but sometimes wonder whether there is a higher purpose to life. Dissatisfied with the status quo, I have created this blog with this goal in mind: To understand the purpose of life, so I can live to the fullest. In order to succeed however, I will need to arm myself with knowledge. With each piece of new found insight, my goal is to gain a better appreciation of life in turn. My focus on the origins of the universe and life as we know it will take centre stage in this blog. After all, knowing the what and the how often leads to the why . Of course, I will be side-tracked by various interesting scientific posts from time to time. Regardless, this is going to be a fun-filled experience! -PTS