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Hong Kong's Hidden Gems #3 -- Hong Kong News Expo

As Hong Kong is now fully re-opened to travellers, it is time to introduce yet another hidden gem in the city.  Hong Kong News Expo  (HKNE) is located in a unique neighbourhood in Mid-Levels .  It is a multimedia exhibition that showcases the history, evolution and current state of Hong Kong's news media. The establishment features a wide range of interactive exhibits, historical artifacts, and multimedia presentations.  It is a great niche gem for those interested in the news industry and the role it plays in shaping the city.  The exhibition is divided into several sections, each focusing on different aspects of Hong Kong's news media. For instance, one section is dedicated to the history of newspapers in Hong Kong, featuring how they have evolved over the years -- from the early days of colonial rule to the present day. Visitors can also learn about the development of radio and television news, as well as the rise of digital media and social media platforms.    It is interes