Quarantine Life

My business trip to Singapore last month led to a mini-hiatus from blogging.  I am now going through a 7-day quarantine in Hong Kong.  A similar experience last year turned out to be a blast.  Although quarantines are not something most people look forward to, they are appealing to me in a number of ways. 
Last year, I experienced what life was like living in a hotel room 24/7  where you eat, sleep, exercise (HITT/yoga) and go to the toilet in a small, confined space.  I gained more appreciation for people who choose to live in tiny bachelor units. 

Then there was the lack of face-to-face contact with anyone for days.  Having less communication with my family and social circle can be a blessing in disguise.  The new found quietness put my mind at ease.  It helped me venture beyond the daily routine and reflect on life.  The extra me-time allowed me to get in touch with my inner self.  At times, I felt like a zen monk.  With less external distraction, even the 9-5 became more productive.  

Wait, it gets better.  The extra time gained can be put to good use with goal setting and attainment.  Last year, I wanted to improve my memory and so learnt about the major system with plenty of practice in between.  This time, I am honing into the math theories behind blockchains on Coursera. I invest financially in the realm but wanted to look under the hood on cryptocurrencies.  And?  So far so good.  When goals are being pursued, it does not matter whether it is sunny or raining outside because my mind is focused on the job.  This may sound strange, but I secretly wished the quarantine would not end so soon last year.  After all, when the view from the office was this good, how could you not miss it? 

Quarantines also gave me a newfound perspective on what life can be like in retirement.  Having plenty of free time is actually a delight, with boredom never even surfacing.  What great news!  Now I am even more excited about the prospects of retirement. 



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