What is Genius? Part I - Introduction

The word genius carries a uniquely satisfying connotation.  There are probably many definitions of the term, with most narrowly focusing on people with extremely high intelligence.  To me, a more encompassing definition is preferred: A genius is someone who is exceptionally talented in his/her field(s) and creates meteoric contributions to the world.  
Einstein fits the bill but so do Michelangelo, Mozart and Kasparov.  Debates have gone for centuries on what makes a genius a genius.  Recent studies have shown that it is not all about brains.  Nature vs nurture debates have ensued, but I will settle on these four essentials: 
  1. Intelligence - yes, brains
  2. Creativity - also brains 
  3. Grit - persevering through highs and lows 
  4. Environmental circumstances - being at the right place at the right time with the right people
Let's spend the next few weeks to deep dive on each characteristic that help to shape a genius.



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